Casting for FAUX Series.

2012-04-15 16:17:35 by marsoupskin


Casting for voices for the next episode of FAUX.
This one's gonna be a doozy clocking in at almost 20 minutes!

If you're interested in lending your voice to it, follow the link HERE! (instructions can be found there.)

Thanks and Good luck.

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Casting for FAUX Series.


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2012-04-15 16:58:44

I'd like to try for Braun. Should I upload a demo onto the audio portal? What kind of lines should I be saying?

marsoupskin responds:

A demo is good. Be sure to email me the link afterwards. The lines aren't important, just showcase your acting and stuff.


2012-04-15 21:28:38

Psyched :) I'll try to get you a more direct sampling of voices for the available roles.


2012-04-16 02:43:04

Totally going to give this a shot, I hope the deadline isn't too close.

marsoupskin responds:

There's no deadline as of this moment.


2012-04-16 05:14:09

Been looking forward to this. Be expecting a demo from me


2012-04-16 10:51:22

Did you have enough people who applied or I can still try maybe?

marsoupskin responds:

You can try of course. There is no deadline as of yet and I'm gonna give people time to get their demos to me, no rush :D


2012-04-17 06:21:57

Will Kay Challis be coming back? Her cameo read in Faux 5 was very notable....

marsoupskin responds:

yes :D


2012-04-21 21:37:25

No deadline? Sweet, then I'll be giving this a shot tomorrow. :)


2012-04-23 18:36:08

Still open?

(Updated ) marsoupskin responds:

yes. And it'll likely be open for a while.