FAUX: CHAPTER 6 webcomic starts monday!

2013-01-05 09:41:21 by marsoupskin

Hello Newgrounds.
So for the past couple of months I've been making FAUX into a webcomic. And finally, starting Monday Chapter 6 will start going online. (a page a day! Monday to Friday).

The comic can be found here:http://fauxcomic.com/
Please follow :D

Also to be kept abreast of FAUX news you can go to the Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/fauxfan
Be sure to LIKE it.

Thank you very much to everyone who's been supportive over the years and for your patience.


FAUX: CHAPTER 6 webcomic starts monday!


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2013-01-05 10:49:48

I look forward to it! Faux is a really good series.


2013-01-05 11:30:38

If you're not going to release the pages here, make a few newsposts during the week to remind us!
Very looking forward to this!


2013-01-05 13:05:51

i cant wait to see it ive been dying to see the next chapter


2013-01-05 13:12:41

Looking forward to the next chapter, you've got something very very VERY good going on here!


2013-01-05 16:21:58

I think I would rather wait for the animated version, but I'm glad you're making progress.