Live Drawing Stream on Google+ Hangouts

2014-10-25 11:59:31 by marsoupskin

When: 25th October 2014 (Sorry for the short notice.)

Where: My Google+ Page (Hangouts on Air)


I'm going to be doing some drawing live on Hangouts. Feel free to stop by and have a coffee, say hello.








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2014-10-25 12:23:35

It wants me to add google plus to my gmail account...
How unfortunate, you seem like a rad artist.

(Updated ) marsoupskin responds:

Ah for real? That's pretty lame... There's no way to just watch without adding G+?

EDIT: You might be able to watch it through Youtube.


2014-10-25 14:16:52

I can watch, but cannot comment.
Youtube requires that you add google+ to your youtube account.
Another marvel of an otherwise idiotic product of marketing.
Good stream though!

marsoupskin responds:


I think I might end up going back to Ustream next time. Less hassle, it's a shame because I like some stuff that hangouts does. But the Ustream session from a couple weeks back was far more interactive because of a working chat, plus no need to sign up to anything even to chat.

I think that's a deal breaker for me...