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more info here: asting-for-voice-actors.html

I've finished the poster for the IndieGogo crowd funding campaign for FAUX: Chapter 5, starting from a 25$ there is a poster that is offered as a perk among other things. I'm finished said poster, here's a peek. But of course you can donate what you wish :)

You can go to my blog to get a better look at the poster.
Blog Post

Campaign link. You can check out the other perks there too!
IndieGoGo Faux Chapter 5 Campaign

Thanks to all those who've taken an interest in my work. It's much appreciated. I will have news soon regarding FAUX, animation and voices. (Of course work on chapter 4 continues too... :)

stay tuned!

FAUX: Poster for IndieGoGo Campaign

FAUX: animation test

2011-06-29 21:49:25 by marsoupskin

Looking into a way to at some point animate FAUX, i've been doing some tests. the two caveats being.
1. not straying to far away from the style.
2. being able to actually create animation of good quality within a reasonable time frame.

Here's a link to a test animation I did today. It's simple, but the idea was creating a character build that could easily be altered and manipulated. oolin-around.html


FAUX trailer!

2011-06-23 11:29:51 by marsoupskin

Here's a trailer I made for my motion comic FAUX. I had made 3 episodes that are posted on newgrounds but I was not very happy with the quality of them. I have since remade them to the quality they should have been. Unfortunately I cannot replace the old ones on newgrounds since they are too old. The new versions can be found on my blog. ( http://fauxplog.blogspot.
com/ )

So of course, the project continues. I thank you for your patience and assure you I will have more to as soon as possible. But I've learned that cutting corners gets you nowhere :) I've also started a funding campaign on Indygogo (a crowd funding site). Obviously any help in that area would help alot towards putting more time on FAUX. (

Many thanks in advance for any comments or criticisms.


FAUX trailer!

I'm still alive and have still been working on FAUX. Though had put the fourth chapter on hold until I could get the first 3 chapters up to a level that I was happy with. But that's done.

The REDUX (or redone) versions of the first three episodes can be found here.

The changes are quite substantial as you'll see.

Though there is a chance that chapter 4 will be on newgrounds, if it is it'll be the last. Working in flash is just too much of a pain :)

oh and follow me on twitter (though i'm still trying to understand what's going on there.)!/marsoupskin

And thanks to all the people who've commented and criticized, it's been helpful and helped me grow as an artist, I am gracious that you take the time to look at my stuff and have an opinion.

cheers and thanks.


UPDATE: FAUX 4 and FAUX 1 - 2 - 3 REDUX

Chapter 4 on the way

2009-11-30 00:26:25 by marsoupskin

Apologies for the lack of news as of late. But be assured that CHAPTER 4 is well on it's way, be sure to keep an eye here for updates, here is a little taster. Cheers.

Chapter 4 on the way


2009-08-23 14:42:58 by marsoupskin

The next chapter is online! check it out



FAUX CHAPTER II is finished and online.

2009-04-14 06:22:30 by marsoupskin

The second chapter of FAUX is done and online.

you can find it here.

the FIRST chapter is here.


EDIT: link to chapter 1 fixed, thanks to those who brought this to my attention.

FAUX CHAPTER II is finished and online.